Friday, February 19, 2010

Eating Healthy With Soup Makes for A Warm Heart and Hearth

As we move into another wintry weekend it is good to continue to keep the home warm and healthy. Cleaning is best when stepped up to super disinfecting everything. With cold and flu germs spreading rapidly, at least our home can be set up as a barrier. And if already invaded we can still prevent recurring episodes. Keeping a disinfectant in the bathroom is a must.

While the cleaning is happening it is a good time to get out the crock pot. Just this week I made my friend Linda's Crock Pot Potato Soup and it was a hit. It was easy to prepare and I did not have to constantly tend the crock pot. It is chock full of healthy ingredients, fortifying our never ending need for iron and all other good vitamins and minerals. 

As I was looking over my bookmarks in Google I found this one for Healthy Eating Made Easy I think it came from my friend Wendy's blog Gluten Free Greenie. Whether or not you eat gluten-free this blog has great reviews for products personally tested by Wendy. She also shares healthy recipes. 

This would not be complete without a mention of my sister's recipes pulled from the archives of her hearth. She makes the most wonderful soups and keeps me well stocked with her own cheese soup. She also makes these "Buckets of Love" soups for people who are sick or needing help with feeding extra guests. 

This cookbook Enlightened Soups comes with rave reviews. Putting on my wish list. ;)


  1. How sweet of you to mention me. I do try to eat healthy...sometimes I'm better than others! But guess what I ate tonight?
    Soup!! Just my quick soup - cellophane rice noodles, with chicken broth, some canned chicken, frozen Asian veggies, and a little herbs. Doesn't sound like much, but it's really good, especially when you feel like your catching a cold and want some homemade soup but don't have time to make the real thing. Tonight, it tasted like love.
    (the broth was GF with 0 sodium, the chicken was also GF, and that's hard to find, packed in water, low in sodium, the Asian veggies packaged with no salt) I was happy with my Calorie, and Sodium count!

    Your soups sound wonderful! I have to check out your sister's site.

  2. I tried to respond a few days ago, but I guess it never went through -so trying again ;-)

    Glad you liked the soup I posted. The cookbook sounds great - will have to check it out :)