Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kidney Detox

I am on a five day kidney detox in order to attack the kidney stones which are acting up. This is my second round on the kidneys and I am determined to knock those pests out of the parking lots they have taken residence in aka my kidneys. It seems that the type of stones I have are calcium stones. The good news is that they have less jagged edges. Just imagine what it would be like to have them!

The detox consists of drinking morning flush drinks of lemon, lime and cayenne with distilled water. I add agave nectar or stevia to make it taste like lemonade with a kick . I also take several doses of special kidney/bladder formula and detox tonic. At the same time I take echinacea plus which acts as an antibiotic. Dietary changes are limits to a light diet of fruits and salads on days one and five and broths, soups, potassium broth, and juices. It is actually a pleasant diet. No doubt I will be seeking something chewy when it is over. The tonics are not the most pleasant tasting so I put them in a shot glass with grape juice and down a shot of the tonic followed by a juice chaser. The best thing to get through something yucky is to do it quickly.

Needless to say, I spend a lot of time in the potty but that is a good thing. All the bad is trying to leave my kidneys, allowing for me to have a healthier body. I would rather do this than have lithotripsy, which I have had done a couple of times. Anything I can do, within reason, to avoid surgery and procedures I am going to try.

I used a special deal from a massage clinic today. It was for a detox massage. This consisted of my being enveloped in a blanket like device. Then I laid on a table while the heat was sent through channels in the blanket. Perspiration in this infared sauna was plentiful. The lady stayed nearby and monitored my condition. I believed that with the combination of fibromyalgia and doing a kidney detox I would benefit greatly. This type of sauna is supposed to benefit people with fibromyalgia. I believe it helped me.

After the sauna I was administered a 30 minute massage. It was heavenly. The masseuse was very masterful as she was able to provide the pressure needed to help release toxins from my body. What an experience! I do wish I had signed up for an hour massage just because I would have liked leg and feet work. I was quite pleased, regardless!

So this is what it is like to have a sauna and massage along with detox.

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