Monday, December 2, 2013

Reset and Hit the Pavement

OKAY! Got on the scale...OUCH! Not gonna say how much I have put back on...suffice it to say that I am getting back on track. Cannot put it off until after the New Year. If I do, I will feel worse and not be able to wear much of anything. I have just a couple of loose clothes leftover. All of the rest of the clothes are gracing the closet of a fellow Freecycler. It helps to know that buying a whole new wardrobe is out of the question. Checked my blood sugar today and it is great! So that is working for me. YAY!! Have to move more and eat less. Candoit!!! 

I see a specialist today. This is to determine if I have rheumatoid arthritis. My regular doctor seems to think that my symptoms lean that way more and more. I do have degenerative bone disease, osteoarthritis, hit me with your best shot! All these names just give guidance on how to treat. Thing is that I cannot handle the medications they throw out there. Which brings me back to what works. For me, Taoist TaiChi, Energy Healing, Avoidance of most night shades, Nutrition, Natural supplements, Acupuncture, Massage, Water Exercise, Weight Loss all help. 

I made my very last sharing post of fattening recipes on FB and from now on I am only sharing what is healthy. This is one of many commitments I must make in order to get back on the right path. Another is to read the book which got me focused on this eating disorder: Fat is A Family Affair...the first time I read it was about 20 years ago. I threw it across the room in anger...then I picked it back up and devoured every word. A healthy diet in reality checking. 

Back when I had a private practice, I ran a therapy group for eating disorders. It was very beneficial for all involved. Seems I always took away as much as I gave...and more. Thinking it may be about time to start one up again. Only this time it will not be a therapy group since I retired that hat back in 2000. One thing I do need to do EVERY SINGLE DAY is to look in the mirror and tell myself that I am beautiful, I deserve to be healthy, and I can do this! This was one of the hardest things for my clients to do. It brought up a whole range of emotion.

So there you have it...warts and all. Just for today I accept that I am beautiful as God made me and I embrace that God has plans for me. It is up to me to make the movement, whether it be hitting my knees, hitting the pavement, hitting the journal, hitting the books, hitting the's all hitting at what gets me to where I need to be. 

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